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Concrete Retaining walls In Lincoln

Improving the overall look of your home is exciting and a little bit challenging at the same time. Designing it, especially your outdoors, is exciting because you have to experiment with different designs you will enjoy. Moreover, a bit challenging because your outdoors is a huge part of your home, and every part needs to be flawless. Likewise, every element in your yard needs to be well-integrated with each other, or it will fail. 

Besides the beautiful interior you have, note that you still have your lawn or garden, which has a lot of potential to give your home a stunning look. However, there are instances wherein you need to revamp your garden, especially if the ground or soil needs to stay intact and to prevent erosion. In this case, you might need to retain your walls for the soil’s foundation. Do not worry because we at concrete Lincoln NE are a full blast to introduce our retaining wall concrete service.

Our Retaining Wall Concrete Service

If you are aware of what retaining walls are, it is a structure that retains or holds soil behind it and can be done using materials like blocks or poured concrete. We, the concrete contractors Lincoln NE, proudly offer you our expertise on this service. While many companies provide the same service, Lincoln Nebraska concrete company is something that you can rely on if you are looking to retain your walls.

Whether sand or clay, the type of soil takes a significant impact on deciding what proper kind of retaining wall should be installed. Likewise, what is above the wall, such as the pool or driveway and the height of the walls, also needs to be considered. Mainly, there are four types of retaining walls that we can offer to you. These are:

  • Gravity Retaining Wall: This type of wall is considerably lower in height. It also depends on its weight and setback to retain the soil in the area. Since it is mostly about weight, this retaining wall allows for an enormous variety when it comes to materials. We can provide you with pavers, bricks, unmortared stone, or dry-stacked stone as options. Shorter walls do not require additional reinforcement, and most will only need at least a small trench to be dug for the wall. 
  • Cantilevered Retaining Wall: It is mostly called a reinforced retaining wall because of the steel bars that run through the concrete wall. It primarily uses a slab as the foundation that goes under the soil that the wall is supporting. The overall weight of the ground holds the slab down to avoid the wall to tip forward. This is mostly applicable to commercial establishments for its known strength. 
  • Sheet Piling Retaining Wall: This is the fundamental type of retaining wall. It is advisable if space is an issue for you. It is commonly a sheet pile or a thin wall made of steel, wood, or vinyl driven directly to the soil to provide reinforcement. However, the said pilings are only advisable in softer soils. One good rule of thumb is that you need to have one-third of the sheet piling into the ground for every two-thirds that will be left above. It might seem complicated, but do not worry because we are here to solve and do the thing for you.
  • Anchored Retaining Wall: This type of retaining wall is usually mechanically driven into the ground, and their ends are expanded by injecting pressurized concrete or any other mechanical means. You might want to use this method if you’re going to support other walls, especially those with thinner pilings or where higher loads are expected.

With the above technicalities, you might find retaining walls hard to understand. But, we will ensure that you will not miss out on every detail and will not hinder you with any information you want to hear regarding your project.

Why should you trust our retaining wall concrete service?

By trusting our concrete in Lincoln NE, rest assured that we will work hard to give you a satisfactory retaining of your walls. As experts in the field, we know that this service is quite hard to handle and requires a real and knowledgeable workforce, but there is nothing to worry about because we are here to save you.

Lincoln concrete shares every piece of information with you. We make sure that we set clear expectations from you, and we have put your mind at ease. How do we do that? We believe that proper communication is everything, and so we will treat you as our first ally for a more outstanding and successful partnership.

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