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Whether you are a resident of Lincoln or planning to move into the city, one of the services you will need is concrete service. It is a type of service that provides you with either logistical or practical support when you need some concreting done. Usually, concrete service covers essential building elements like pathway and driveways, pools and water systems, finishing, etc. There are a lot more about concrete service, and we, at Concrete Lincoln NE, will introduce them and proudly offer to you what we have. Aside from the professional service that we will tell you, we will also discuss your right as a customer in the latter part of this article.

Modern house and big garage with concrete driveway In Lincoln

Large modern house with three garage spaces and concrete driveway in Lincoln Nebraska

In a nutshell what is a concrete service?

Concrete service, as mentioned above, applies to any concrete tasks you want to be done. If you have either a residential or commercial building-related project, for example, concrete service is what you need. It also includes the organization of materials and equipment, finding solutions to problems that may arise during the process of your project and communicating what is happening on every step. With the right company, you will get to understand and see what a real concrete service is.

We, the concrete contractors Lincoln NE, can offer and serve you with your various concrete needs. We can provide you with services such as stamping concrete, retaining walls, installing driveways, building foundations, doing flatwork, and providing commercial and residential services. We know that there are numerous concrete companies in Lincoln, but we can assure you that we are more than just a company. With our leading and updated services, expert team and excellent customer service, you can rely on us any time of the day.

What can we offer to you as our customer?

Although there are a lot of concrete companies out there, Lincoln Nebraska concrete company is here to showcase what we can do for you. Aside from the assurance that we will provide high-quality service on any of your requested projects, we can also give you a full spectrum of services such as the following:

If you are a homeowner and you want to give your home a shot, then you might want to try out the residential concrete service that we have. It mostly includes building a foundation for your property, installing sideways and driveways, and decorating patios, pools or floors.

Since your house is your top investment, we will make sure to protect it during the process. We completely understand that you do not want to ruin every detail your home has and so we are here to make it more of an investment for you and your family.

If you have a business property that needs concrete service, we can serve you with this one.

We can provide and assist you from design, design support, cutting, forming, pouring, finishing, protection and cleanup for your commercial and industrial projects. We can do it from warehouses, facilities, stadiums, and multi-family units.

This might be a broad and long term project, but we will ensure that everything is well-laid in front of you, especially the procedures and other specific plans. We are here to protect your business and transform it into a stunning establishment. 

If you need to work on your horizontal ground, we can do a concrete flatwork for you. We can do flatwork on patios, sidewalks, walkways, foundations and any other flat surface.

Since it is a flatwork, the most common conflict that arises on this one is the still flatness of the ground. You should not worry because as concrete flatwork professionals, we will ensure that you will have a perfectly flat and even surface that you will be proud of.

If you need to build or install subgrade walls, walkways, stairways, floors, footings and other building applications, you might want to utilize this service.

Usually, it is done by putting reinforcement bars for strength, pouring concrete and removing the forms. Just like other services, this is also a type of service that has different kinds, usually T-shaped foundation, slab-on-grade foundation, and frost-protected foundation.

With our guaranteed routine, we will discuss every detail with you and confirm what is necessary for your project. 

Having a concrete driveway is a real deal. Did you know that concrete driveways provide benefits such as lower upfront cost, beauty and curb appeal on your home, and can even absorb heat and light?

That is why more and more homeowners are choosing this service. Likewise, a driveway is preferred to both commercial and residential spaces making it more in demand. But before working on your driveway, we will first evaluate the location and will discuss to you what needs to be done.

After assessing and discussing things with you, rest assured that we can give you a durable and well-designed driveway that you will surely love. 

In case you need construction to hold back soil materials or withstand the lateral pressure of it, this is the right service for you. Before we retain your wall, we will make sure to examine the problem first and see if retaining the wall is what you really need.

Likewise, we will inform you about the different types of retaining walls such as gravity, crib, piled, cantilever, counter-fort, anchored and many more. We will make sure to discuss with you what specific type your project needs and why it is necessary. 

If you need your ground to be transformed into something that you will like, this service is for you. Commonly, it is also called textured or imprinted concrete where it replicates stones such as flagstone and slate, brick, tile and wood.

Depending on your preference, the design and material will depend on you. But, we can also present you the wide variety of color and pattern choices.

We can do it on your pool decks, patios, driveways or wherever you want. Having a stamped concrete can provide you with a paving option that requires less maintenance than other materials.

Now that we have laid the different services we have, all it takes is your willingness to become our partner. As your partner, we always see to it that every step and every move that we will make is guaranteed safe and of high-quality. We will work hand in hand for your project to be successful.

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What makes a quality concrete service?

Being aware of what concrete service is, you might ask what should be a quality concrete service. We are here to give you an idea of the difference between good and bad concrete. By being knowledgeable about this, you will know what to expect as a result.

A good concrete should come from quality raw materials with lower cement content to ensure its high strength and high performance. It should also be designed based on performance rather than prescriptive specifications. Some concrete will contain more industrial waste materials, including recycled concrete aggregate for durability, but it might be more expensive.

To ensure a compressive strength, ratios of tensile should be higher in concretes. It can be achieved through the utilization of polymers or fibers, textile-reinforced concrete with specially designed meshes of fibers. A good concrete should have materials that have high inherent strengths, and possess a reasonable amount of ductility. Survivability is the ability of pavement to survive a natural catastrophe or even a terrorist attack.

Although these are more of a technical side to hear, as your partner, we can ensure that we will give you what is best for you and your property. We will inform you on the things that you should know regarding your project. Some companies do not bother telling the truth, and they usually take advantage of their client’s lack of technical knowledge. To save you from such companies, or any types of scam, give us the chance to serve and work for you. We are more than aware of what is a quality concrete, and we are hype to apply the principles that we have to real-life work.

How important it is to spot the right company?

Once you have your plan in mind of what specific concrete project you want to do, the next thing you will look for is a suitable company that will handle it. With many companies lingering out there and making false advertisements, you might fall on their trap. But how important is it to spot the right company for you?

Finding the right company and selecting the best candidate that you will trust is a very challenging one. Of course, it is essential to be meticulous in choosing a company since it will be a hassle if you picked the wrong one. If their work is shoddy, you will find yourself stressed about dealing with their adjustments and probable solutions. We are sure that you do not want to waste your time working on their work adjustments, and it might cost you more money.

If a company does not have excellent time-management skills, it will cost you your time and money. You should work with a company that presents your deadlines and target plans during the process. This is to put your mind at ease that they care for your time and effort while doing their work. You will surely have regrets in the end if you made the wrong choice.

Likewise, some companies offer quality service but have an unwelcoming customer service. Being the company as your partner, you will expect a lot from the company to be focused on your project. But, there are times that you will need their attention to attend to your concerns and queries, especially if you are lost. Some companies failed to give an empathic service to their customers. They only care for the money that they will generate but will never care about your personal questions.

The right company should entertain you when you need to call their office to clarify things. Likewise, the right company should never reject your suggestions and respect your plans or ideas when you have some in mind. Do not feel intimidated by the company’s outlook. An ideal company should make you feel comfortable talking to them, whether in their office or on the streets.

We are talking on behalf of other companies you might stumble on the streets. We are giving you a heads-up on what you should consider and should look out for before making your final decision. We know that it is not an easy thing to do, and we do not want you to have regrets in the end. We care for your specific needs, but we also care about the treatment and service that you deserve.

Commercial Concrete project in Lincoln NE
concrete Lincoln NE utilizing one of their cement trucks

What kind of team are we & why should you trust us?

There are a lot of competing companies who have the same service and same promises, but Lincoln concrete is something that you can really call your partner.

  • You are our priority: We put our customers on top of our priority list as always. Therefore, you can expect that whatever concerns you will bring before, during, and after your project, we are more than willing to address it with our customer-oriented team. Expect that we will work hand in hand for a successful project.
  • We have a great workforce: By trusting our concrete in Lincoln NE, you will be provided with a service that is responsible, goal-directed, and customer-oriented. Most companies are good companies, but we are not just a good company. We are a great team of experts, well-trained and empathic individuals. We will get the work done when we say that we will. We will get to any concern you will raise and promise to get in touch with you as you wish. 
  • We are proactive: Most companies are passive, sometimes they are ready to serve you; the other times, they are not available. This is the reason why you should connect to a company like us who are proactive. We will get in touch with you and know your pain points more than anything else. Likewise, we can offer ideas and solutions without being prompted. 

If we have questions that we usually ask ourselves, “Are we servicing our client the best possible way?” If ever that we fall short, this is where communication will work between you and us.

  • We layout deadlines:  Time is essential to us just as how it is vital to you. Our team ensures that we layout weekly, monthly and quarterly deadlines. To do this, we make sure that every person in the company has a clear understanding of their work and responsibility. With our excellent time-management skills, we are the company that you will never regret.
  • We provide straightforward answers to your questions: We understand that before, during and after your project, you might have a lot of questions in your mind and want some clarifications. This is why we respect your effort of reaching out to us and will attend to every question you want to ask. We will provide you with straightforward and honest answers to put your mind at ease and give you clear expectations. Your trust is very important to us and we value it more than anything else.
  • We take risks: We take risks whenever it is needed, and sometimes failure is inevitable. But, those failures made our company flexible and worthy of your investment. Some companies do not want to go out of the box or their comfort zones to avoid making mistakes. If there are companies who are afraid to soar high, we are the exact opposite as we are open to new possibilities that can improve our service to you.

With the above quality of our company, you can rely on us whatever concrete service you need. Reach out to us and do not hesitate if you need either a residential or commercial concrete service. We will nail it for you!

We, at Concrete Lincoln NE, are ready to serve you with our trusted artistry. We will provide never-ending support to you as we go along with the process. We are looking forward to meeting you soon and getting a chance to experience our high-quality service. We believe that quality is never an accident; it results from hard work and perseverance that comes with full knowledge and an excellent workforce- and that is something that our company has.

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