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Flatwork Concrete In Lincoln NE

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you can always transform your outdoor space into a stunning view whenever you want. All it takes is your passion and willingness in bringing it into a new higher level. One of the noticeable features an establishment or a house could have is the ground or the surface. It might include sidewalks, walkways or even patios. We are sure that you care for your sidewalks or walkways, and did you know that one way to have a perfect and even surface is by doing flatwork?

We, at concrete Lincoln NE, can provide flatwork services to our customers who need it. We believe that a surface should be flat and even and we will never let our customers down by providing poorly crafted flatwork. Likewise, concrete is the choice material for flatwork due to how it can provide a perfectly flat and even surface. You can trust us to deliver a perfect flatwork for you and your property.

Our Flatwork Service

By trusting us, the concrete contractors Lincoln NE, you are also trusting concrete flatwork professionals. We know everything from the basics to complex ones when doing flatwork. But how do we do our flatwork? 

We do flatwork by forming a frame and a sub-base made of either aggregate rock or rebar. We will make sure that the sub-base will strengthen concrete and prevent any cracks from happening. But before anything else, we will first section the area and frame it, especially where the concrete feature will be placed. We will make a frame out of a wood that will mold the concrete when poured. During the process, we will ensure that the concrete is poured at the right depth and dry even and flat.

Although flatwork is a bit more expensive than any other material like asphalt, it is worth your money because of its durability. You will be surprised when you see how long it will last. Likewise, a concrete flatwork does not need to be replaced as often.

Lincoln Nebraska concrete can do flatwork to any of your surfaces, such as the following:


  • Sidewalks: This is a common form of concrete flatwork. Sidewalks are poured into sections with joints between them. It is finished flat and can sometimes have a delicate finishing enhancing safety and gripping when it is wet.
  • Patios: There are some patios made up of pavers or wood to provide a better look, but the design and the material will all depend on you. We can still finish it with silicone molds for patterns. Moreover, we can construct your patio by adding sealers and colors to protect it from water damage. 
  • Ramps: Although the ramp is not flat, flatwork can also be applied to sloped surfaces. Flatwork can still be formed even on an incline. There is only added rebar reinforcement and lead into the foundation. This applies to your establishment if you want it to be accessible by wheelchairs for people with walking disabilities. We assure you that concrete is an excellent choice for a ramp since it can provide grip preventing any possible slips.
  • Driveways: Flatwork can also be done on your driveways using a frame. It might not require a rebar underlay depending on the slope of your driveway. 
  • Dumpster Pads: If you have a commercial or retail building, you probably have dumpster pads. Concrete dumpster pads should have rebar reinforcement to give the surface strength so it can hold heavyweights. A dumpster pad must have drainage as well to make it easier to clean and keep the water away.

Why should you trust our flatwork service?

We believe that no one wants their property to be damaged or ruined by a company that they have trusted. Likewise, we know that you will not settle for less when it comes to giving your investment a transformation. By trusting concrete in Lincoln NE, we as concrete flatwork professionals prioritize quality over quantity. Your trust in our company will be much appreciated, and we promise to provide you with exceptional service from our actual work to our customer service.

Lincoln concrete takes its pride in delivering enhanced, flexible and expert service to you. To put your mind at ease, we have provided the above information to give you an overview about what, where, when and how we render our service. Likewise, we can entertain questions to provide you with proper expectations.

We look forward to meeting you as our new partner in this journey!

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