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Concrete Foundations Lincoln NE

If you bought a property, chances are, time will come that you need to alter or renovate some parts, especially if it has damage. Either way, if you want to add some features, you are still free to do it. You might need building works such as marking foundation layout, excavations, base preparation with levelling and lean placement, steel placement, formwork, curing, and concrete pouring. These tasks are almost the same, but the technique of execution and sequence differ. Likewise, all of the aforementioned activities fall under the foundation construction service that you might stumble in a concrete company.

We, Concrete Lincoln NE, is a company who can execute and perform concrete foundations that you might need. Although there are different activities under this specific service, we are proud to say that we can deliver it to you without any worries. We are aware, and we know every particular requirement and equipment at every stage, and each activity demands excellent ability and different skill sets of workers with various equipment. Likewise, all of the activities for foundation construction should have an adequately sequenced plan. Our company understands all of the complexities and the tendencies, and we promise to give you a superb service.

Our Foundation Construction Service

Concrete contractors Lincoln NE know how massive construction of the foundation is. With this in mind, we carefully plan every step in the way to avoid the hassle in your end. If you need a construction project in your small or large projects, we ensure that we have a specific project planner beforehand. Since this work is crucial to a building, we hired the experts in this field to give you peace of mind.

By trusting Concrete Lincoln NE, we can do the following for you:

  • Marking the foundation layout at the site and providing procedures for the foundation.
  • Discuss excavation steps together with the necessary depth by using a machine. This is done with safety measures and suitable techniques.
  • Levelling of the soil using hand-operated tools after the excavation.
  • Placing of steel for reinforcement.
  • Erecting of formworks that will be used for footings.
  • Placing and levelling of concrete surface.
  • Removing formwork after the concrete has formed.
  • Curing of concrete within the required number of days.
  • Applying finishing coats on the surface.
  • Site cleanup.

We, at Lincoln Nebraska concrete, know how risky a construction of the foundation is. This is why apart from being knowledgeable in this field; we always make sure that we apply every principle we have in providing you with our service. All the tools and equipment, workforce and other resources are made sure ready in advance.

Moreover, to give you an overview of the different types of foundations that might suit your need, we are free to discuss it with you. Here are the following:

T-shaped: If you are living in a place where the ground is prone to freezing, the T-shaped type of foundation is right for you. First, we will put the footing below any of the frost lines. Second, the walls should be constructed on top. The footing is usually more extensive than the wall to provide extra support at the base of the foundation. Lastly, the slab should be placed after the wall.

Slab-on-grade: As the name suggests, it consists of a single layer of concrete with several inches thick. We will make sure that the slab is poured more abundant at the edges for the footing and install rods as reinforcement to strengthen the side. Usually, the slab rests on the bed of crushed gravel for better drainage. If you are in an area where the ground does not freeze, the slab-on-grade foundation is suitable for you. Moreover, you can still adapt it for better insulation to prevent it from frost heaves.

Frost Protected: This is suitable with a heated structure. This foundation relies on the use of two rigid sheets of polystyrene insulation. One coat should be on the outside of the foundation wall while the other should be on the base of the wall, specifically on a bed of gravel, laid flat. It also has the benefits of the slab-on-grade foundation in areas prone to freezing.

Before we decide on the specific type of foundation, we will make sure to examine your area and let you know what is best for you and your property.

Why should you trust our foundation construction service?

By trusting our concrete in Lincoln NE, we will give you a guarantee that constructing your foundation will provide you convenience. We will make sure to perform with quality service and provide you with the information you need to know regarding your project. Lincoln concrete will be happy to serve you with the best that we can. 

We look forward to meeting you and satisfying any of your needs.

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